Blackouts and my new life…..

So it seems I have a new problem. Our car busted a few weeks ago and we ended up buying a new one. Long and hard problem.  After we bought it I have had to bring it  back a dozen times to get the 4 things fixed (still broken, sigh).

Yesterday I brought the car by the dealership  to give them a piece of my mind, get things fixed they have been “forgetting” and glossing over. Talked to the manager and finally got promises to fix the things that were put in the contract under ‘conditions’. That took nearly 3 hours. My CRPS leg was beyond agony and my mind was reeling by the time we left.

That afternoon I spent in the kitchen doing the mise en place for a delicious quiche. Picked up my wife at 5.

This is when things got strange. I started having some fiery CRPS pains but nothing insane. I got a bit slap happy, laughing crazily over the dumb jokes I was making. My wife thought I was acting strange and out of order. ….
We picked up some cheeses and went home. That is my last memory.


Next thing I remember it was 1130 am the next day. Called my wife at work to find out what happened.  I had continued acting strange. I grabbed things from the fridge and tried cooking things that has nothing to do with quiche. Putting mushrooms in a Tupperware with garlic butter and a tea towel…… strange….

My gorgeous doctor wife took me by the hand and made me brush my teeth and then to bed. I tried sitting up but she laid me down and I passed out until 11030 am this morning when I woke confused to hell.

I don’t know why of how…. but I it is frightening as hell and I AM going to figure it out.
In the meantime. ….. I hope it doesn’t happen again. The only thing I can think of is sleep exhaustion.  I  hadn’t slept for 4 days and 3 nights before….

Talk soon folks. Hope you have a low pain day and lots of good food.

Björn from Björning-to-cook.

Sleepless nights

I know I am not the only one with chronic pain that has difficulty sleeping. Last night I didn’t sleep a wink. My leg was jumping around like it was possessed and stuffed full of fiery worms trying to overstuff my leg and bust out. So that sucked a bit. Ha!
But this morning I made the best of things and went to the farmers market.  I wish I could set up a stall there with an oven and a wok and feed people all those delicious fruits, veg, breads, etc.
Needless to say we are going to eat well tonight!
Leftover pork belly with crackling from last night.


Salad with cucumber, low acid tomatoes, slivers of Ohakune carrots and some shaved  spicy Daikin with a fresh ranch dressing.


Some garlic Naan and some honeydew melon for dessert.  I only hope I can keep it down! Stupid opiates……

CRPS on a cracker…

After failing at laundry and adding two wool sweaters that totally should have been left separate,  feeding the chickens, supervising doggie play time since our dog has a broken toe and we are looking after my sister-in-law ‘s dog who likes to jump fence and go eat garbage across the street, and bike therapy and daily physio, I was in almost too much pain to eat.
Funny how that is, on a day where I do more and expend more calories, I can’t even eat.

Now today I had another meeting with ACC, the health care insurance in New Zealand, and they refuse to subsidize the medication recommended by my doctor. They would rather me be put in hospital for several days for ketamine infusions then go on methadone, and going back for regular ketamine infusions. The other med I would prefer is expensive, but not dangerous or physically addictive, and I could lead a semi-normal life. But it is expensive.
Do we not get a choice in our treatment? Are patients just mindless inferior beings who have no right to choose their own form of treatment?
I am sorry there is no recipe today. I am going to curl up with my dog until it is time to cook the pork belly.
Anyone have suggestions for a good recipe for pork belly? I think we might have a few rashers of streaky bacon left too.
If I had the sous-vide machine I have been drooling over, I would definitely be putting it in the water bath then searing it with delicious baby potatoes and fresh herbs and my own medicinal butter……
Fellow pain sufferers, hang in there, take joy in the small things that life brings. Take control over the things you can, and don’t sweat what’s beyond your control.
Oh, and eat well, with the ones you love. It is one of the best experiences you can have.

Life gives you lemons

Well, this weekend was long, I don’t know why my leg was so tight. I tried heat, movement, not moving, massage, etc. Sometimes the muscles cramp up like bricks of hot iron and it feels like the scars are melting off. But, I am going to focus the positive. I got to spend the weekend with my wonderful wife and little broken dog. We talked, joked, and also discussed the future.

Unless there are any unforseen reasons not to, I am going to apply to AUT and Dr. Gorgeous is going to look for veterinary work in Auckland.
AUT culinary school was the first school to get back to me and they were completely willing to work with me and my bum leg and CRPS. We will put the house on the market and move up north where it is warmer.

I still need to finish healing from my LCL allograft, apply to culinary school and she needs to finish up her internship, and we will have to get rid of junk, clean, get a real estate agent, box everything up, find a new place in Auckland…. So it’s a long way off but I like that we have a plan.

Sure, while this weekend was a write-off as far as going places, doing things, but we made metaphorical lemonade and talked and planned and reconnected.

So in honor of my smart and beautiful blonde, my first recipe is lemonade.
We planted a Meyer lemon tree in the back corner of the lot and it produces year round. Last time there was a plethora, I canned nearly 8 pints. This is a diluted version of that recipe.

-1 cup of lemon juice (in our case I just squeezed about 4 or 5 big lemons per cup, straining out the seeds with my fingers, I love pulp)
-1 cup of sugar
-1 cup of water
– 3 cups of water and 2 cups of ice

Make the simple syrup first by bringing the 1 cup of water to a boil and dissolving the sugar.

In a large pitcher, use a wooden spoon to mix the simple syrup, lemon juice, water and ice.

Enjoy with a loved one and some sliced cucumber…..

“Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water HD…” on YouTube

So after a stressful morning,  and now I am meeting my ACC case manager to find out if they will subsidize a different medication (I want OFF opioids), my head is pounding and my leg is jittering with a thousand hot nail heads pressing against it.


Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’  just in case you’re having a day like mine.

Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water HD…:

Define physically able, @rse!

Well, after a barrage of outgoing calls and emails yesterday, it was AUT that said they would happily welcome me, and whatever parts of the program I had difficulty with, they would find a way to work it for me.  Both Northtech and Bay of Plenty Polytechnic want to meet with me to see how things would work. It was heart lifting to hear these people wanting to help me be able to achieve something I am so passionate about.

There was a much more disappointing message from CPIT and Waiariki.  They are unable to offer an opportunity for me due to the physical nature of their programme.
They did not want to discuss what I can do. They don’t care what I am capable of learning or creating or the challenges I can overcome.
Yet another place I can’t go because I have difficulty balancing on my CRPS affected leg and said I might sometimes require a cane or special small stool.  It used to be there was nothing I couldn’t do…….now ….